The formation of an IBC in Belize

Setting up an IBC (International Business Company) in Belize

By definition, an IBC is a private corporation that solely focuses on “international business”, i.e. on “international business activities”.

If you want to set up a company in Belize, the business name will contain one of the following suffixes to define the company’s legal form: Ltd (Limited), Corp (Corporation), Inc (Incorportion), SA (Société Anonyme) or SA (Sociedad Anónima).

You are almost given free reign when choosing the name of your company; it may be in any language. Only sensitive or restricted names, e.g. names which refer to banks or might indicate that a particular country or government supports your company, may not be used.

IBC’s can be established rather quickly in Belize given that not many requirements are to be met. Within a maximum of 48 hours you can start operating your business offshore.

We at™ will set up your offshore company.™ offshore company formation services include:

  • licence for the company name
  • member agreements / shareholder agreements
  • the company’s Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • consultation services
  • Registered Office in Belize
  • optional: individual enquiries / special requests

Important information on the position of director of an IBC in Belize:

Only one director is required for an IBC in Belize. The person who fills the position of director can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world – it is therefore not necessary to take up residence in Belize. The director’s name will not be entered into a public register.

The director can be a natural person or a corporate entity.

We at™ will be happy to provide you with a nominee director if required.

Important information on the company members of an IBC in Belize:

The members of an IBC in Belize can be of any nationality with domicile or registered residence in a country of their choice (worldwide). Only one member is required who can be the same person as the director. Any number of members is possible. Members can be natural persons or shareholders.™ offers the provision of nominee shareholders.

The share capital

It is not necessary to deposit share capital. However, 50,000 US dollars are usually listed as virtual capital.