Tax Haven Belize

Belize, a tax haven

Belize is a very popular destination regarding the formation of offshore companies as, with the exception of an annual rate of 100 US dollars (the so-called lump-sum tax), the country does not levy taxes. In Belize, you will enjoy tax exemption. Moreover, you will save costs and effort formerly spent on bookkeeping, accounting and reporting. You are not obliged to maintain accounting records, issue invoices or publish balance sheets. This will save you time and money spent on tax consultants, audits, stamp duties etc.

The set-up process of offshore companies in Belize will only take a few hours. After this short period of time, the companies will be fully operational. Your offshore company in Belize will only be subject to a few requirements which you will be able to observe without much effort.

Therefore, Belize offers many financial advantages to entrepreneurs looking for a tax haven to set up an offshore company.

However, Belize is not only financially attractive because of its favourable tax environment. It also has relaxed banking laws and interesting financial agreements with authorities of jurisdictions worldwide.

Banking secrecy is taken very seriously in Belize and therefore no data (e.g. processed by your bank or related to financial transactions) is passed on to third parties. Offshore companies are subject to strict secrecy regulations which are observed at all times. Modern offshore laws guarantee full flexibility, the best possible protection of your assets and the optimization of your tax level.

As Belize is the only country in Central America to be a member of the British Commonwealth, all of its laws and court rulings are in accordance with the English constitutional law.

Offshore company owners in Belize will only be subject to the following restrictions:

  • no property acquisition or property trading in Belize
  • no business dealings with inhabitants of Belize

Setting up an offshore company in Belize is a very attractive way of protecting your assets, saving a lot of money and establishing and conducting your own business with little effort thanks to the country’s favourable tax environment and strict data protection rules. We at™ will set up your company within a few hours. The company management will not take a lot of effort (no bookkeeping, no accounting, etc.)

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