Company Formations Worldwide

We at™ are not only specialized in company formations in Belize, but we are also available to answer any of your questions related to “offshore company formations” worldwide.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in offshore consultancy, we have excellent know-how and can draw on an extensive network of experts.

Please find below a small selection of the services we provide:

Gibraltar Company

We offer the formation of Exempt Companies, Non-Resident Companies, Gibraltar Exempt Companies as well as Offshore Asset Protection Trusts.

Hong Kong Company

No VAT or sales tax for Hong Kong companies – we will set up your company based in Hong Kong.

Malta Company

A taxation of only 4.25% can be estimated for International Trading Companies.

The Seychelles Company

The Seychelles – tax haven number one! No taxes, 100 per cent anonymity.

Singapore Company

Company formation in Singapore: low tax rates and an offshore bank account.

Cyprus Company

Company formation in Cyprus: anonymous bank account – full protection of your assets.

This is just a small selection of the services we provide and of our possibilities. We are offering the formation of offshore companies worldwide.

If you wish to adjust your taxation level, protect your assets and want to operate anonymously, just call or email us:

Hotline Liechtenstein-Switzerland: + 423 376 9234

Hotline European Union: + 43 720 963926

Hotline United Kingdom: + 44 203 6271251

Hotline Cyprus: + 357 220 30109