Company Formation Offshore


What is an „offshore company“?

Offshore or overseas companies are established in so-called “tax havens or tax shelters”. These terms are rather simple and frequently misleading given that, as a matter of fact, the terms refer to a jurisdiction / country with favourable regulations and / or tax rates. In some jurisdictions, company formations are not only very beneficial to entrepreneurs but also to private individuals. In our view, such countries need to have been politically stable for a longer period of time and must have a reliable legal system.

The most popular destinations for offshore company formations are Belize, Malta, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Gibraltar and many other countries.

We at™ will find your ideal solution and will be pleased to assist you in the process of setting up your company in Belize or in any other country.


What are the advantages of offshore company formations?

Nowadays it is well known that wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs can protect their assets by forming an offshore company. The reasons for this are many, e.g. situations may arise that will make it necessary for you to protect your assets legally from creditors or former spouses.

To establish a company abroad is also advantageous to you because tax levels are very low in offshore countries or can be avoided altogether. Zero tax regimes are widely spread in offshore jurisdictions or taxes are only levied at a very low rate.

Furthermore, the burden of red tape is significantly reduced abroad. There are less rules and obligations that you will have to stick to and which you might involuntarily breach (as is often the case in the home country) which, in turn, reduces your risk of having to pay unpleasant penalties. Often, you will not be obliged to maintain accounting records and there will be no need for you to publish your balance sheets. This will not only save you nerves, but also time or rather money spent on accountants and administration.

As it is possible to hold an anonymous bank account, the privacy of the company owner will also be protected. The account can be managed via net banking in all currencies which enables the company founder to operate independently and guarantees unrestricted economic activity of the company.

In short, offshore company formations offer the following advantages: asset protection, tax benefits, easy administration, privacy protection, limitation of liability.


What must be considered when setting up an offshore company? What is and is not allowed?

Our team of experts at™ will be happy to explain to you face-to-face / in a phone call the points you need to consider when setting up an offshore company.

The general rule is that you are not allowed to start conducting business in the offshore country where you establish your company, or to trade property in this country (the purchase of property is also not permitted). Furthermore, it is not permitted to engage in capital investment transactions and to conduct insurance or bank investment business.

The offshore company, however, is at any time entitled to administrate its own assets and to be the owner of a private plane registered in the offshore country, a ship or a yacht. Moreover, and this is one particularly interesting aspect, the company is allowed to engage managers, lawyers and tax consultants residing in the offshore country at any time. This means that the company owner will not be subject to any restriction.


Are offshore company formations against the law?

You should of course always use expert advice before you start setting up an offshore company. We at™ draw on many years of experience, are always up to date and are therefore able to give you tailor-made advice on the best solution for you. Please do not hesitate to contact our expert team with your request.

Even if some requirements need to be observed, it is in full accordance with international law to hold shares of an offshore company.


Are there minimum capital requirements for offshore company formations?

No minimum capital is required to initiate the company formation process abroad.


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