Company Formation Belize™ is specialized in providing information on offshore company formations in various countries. Here, you can find out more about company formations in Belize.

Why would I want to set up a company in Belize?

No taxes. Belize is generally considered a tax haven: with regard to the fact that profit generation takes place outside Belize, you will enjoy complete tax exemption in the country.

You may operate an office with employees.

If you establish an IBC(International Business Company) in Belize (an offshore company) you will obtain complete exemption from tax on the total income of the IBC. Moreover, you will be exempt from taxes applied to dividends paid by the IBC. Another advantage: rents, interest rates, licence fees and other payments made by the company are also exempted from taxation.

No red tape burden. In Belize, you are not legally obliged to maintain bookkeeping or accounting records. In contrast to the home country, you are not required to keep receipts and invoices. With that, you are no longer obliged to constantly verify whether you are still meeting legal requirements or not (which might result in penalties).

No currency restrictions. The offshore company has an anonymous bank account which the company owner can use at any time (via net banking). Therefore, you will not be subject to any restriction neither with regard to your actions / when you are using the bank account nor regarding the currency you are working with.

No disclosure of personal data. Complete anonymity of the company owner guarantees that the company can operate independently and that assets are protected – creditors or former spouses thus will not be informed about the company owner’s activities.

Belizean citizenship is not required.

Complete anonymity can be guaranteed as the company owner(s) is / are not entered in a public register.

The IBC does not require more than one director and one company member / shareholder. It is part of our service to provide you with a director / shareholder upon request.

No specific profession needed. The IBC’s activity is not linked to the sector you are working in – the company’s operations can cover all areas.

What must be considered when setting up a company in Belize?™ will be happy to inform you about your possibilities, and will explain to you in detail the points you will have to consider when setting up your offshore company.

To avoid unpredictable risks, companies in Belize should maintain a “Registered Office” as well as a “Registered Agent”. Upon request, we can provide you with both. This is called “minimum presence” in Belize. Therefore, it is not imperative to have a fixed establishment in Belize.

What will the business name of a company in Belize look like?

It is you who chooses the business name of the offshore company. As part of the company formation process with™ we will of course check whether your desired business name is still available. Should this not be the case, we will search for suitable alternatives.

However, there are some words that must not be included in the business name such as Bank, Trust, Royal, Chamber of Commerce, Imperial, …

A company in Belize can have several different legal forms.

Here are some examples:


Ltd (Limited)

Corp (Corporation)

Inc (Incorporation)

and many others

Which different steps will be taken when setting up a company in Belize?

An expert of™ will conduct an in-depth discussion with you about your individual situation. Any information you provide will be treated confidentially – you can count on our discretion. In this context, we would like to point out that you are not obliged to give us exact details concerning your project. Only a few details are needed for the establishment of your company.

We will check the availability of your desired business name. After the business name has been determined and all necessary documents are completed, you will have to fill in the order form. Then, the company can be entered into the Offshore Register (authorities will not have access to any business information). Normally, the process of setting up an offshore company will take no longer than seven days. You will also receive all company documents within this period of time.

If you use our services, it will not be necessary for the company founder to personally enter the country.

Setting up an offshore company with™: which services are included?

We will assist you during all stages of the setting up of your offshore company: we will provide you with tailor-made information and all necessary documents (Memorandum, incorporation applications, Certificate of Incorporation, purchase agreements, general Power of Attorney, employment contract and other documents). In addition to this, we will also open an anonymous bank account for you with net banking and debit card / credit card. Upon request we can provide a nominee director and a nominee shareholder for you or offer office service.

With which countries does Belize have a double taxation convention?

Belize has double taxation conventions with Austria, England, Sweden and CARICOM region countries (Countries of the Caribbean Community).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this topic.